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Sunday Morning Sharing

My wife has this year added to her garden a special section just for “cuttings.”  Nearly every morning she steps outside and gathers a variety of flowers from her “cutting” garden and puts them in a small vase on the kitchen table or windowsill.  They remind each of us (consciously or otherwise!) that we live in the midst of glory and beauty, and that we’re intended to appreciate, value, and call them to mind throughout the day.

About five hundred years ago, St. Francis de Sales wrote a wonderful book to help ordinary people follow Jesus through the course of their day called Introduction to the Devout Life.  Francis leads us through a number of devotions, but at the end of each, he encourages us to look back over our reflections and “gather a little devotional bouquet to refresh you during the rest of the day.”

Both of these little stories came to mind recently as I thought about our Sunday morning sharing time.  I think each of our “sharings” should be a little bouquet to help one another worship more deeply.  Just like Sandy’s cuttings, they need not be gaudy or extravagant, only thoughtful and sincere.

This also means that more often than not, our bouquet should be mulled over and reflected upon beforehand rather than a spur-of-the-moment offshoot of the Sunday message or a response to someone else’s sharing.  Instead, why not come already prepared with your own humble bouquet?

Let’s pay attention to the little words and happenings and encounters God is daily providing for us, and think about how we can bless and encourage each other on Sunday morning.

-Ralph Felzer

  • April on July 8, 2014

    This is well said, Ralph. I appreciate you sharing this. 🙂

  • Maureen on July 8, 2014

    Nice 🙂

  • Marie on July 8, 2014

    Thank you, Ralph. This is a lovely word-picture, and good advice.

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