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School Supply Drive 2016

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Don’t read the title of this post and ignore it thinking it’s the same ole’ thing about buying supplies to help stock the school supply pantry. Well it is that, but it’s also a whole lot more! Each summer for the past eight years we have held a school supply drive in order to fill the school supply pantry and bless the teachers at Keyser, along with the teachers at Hawkins and Reynolds. This year, rather than me telling you about how much the pantry blesses the teachers, I thought I would let the teachers tell you themselves. Below are some messages from some of the teachers at Keyser:

Large quote marksI would like to take this time to let the congregation know how valuable the school pantry is to me as a teacher. For the most part students do not bring in supplies or replenish as needed. Before I had the pantry available to me as a teacher, I personally would buy supplies that would sustain me throughout the school year. Now, it is so wonderful to be able to replenish the supplies as needed or know that something is available to me as a teacher throughout the year. Also the care packages that are put together are great. I love having the Clorox wipes, tissues, and paper towels for my classroom. What a blessing to know that there are people who care not only for the students, but us as teachers. Your church blesses us every time we shop, with your prayers, and throughout the year with all of your support. Thank you so much.  ~Debbie Harsh, 5th Grade

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As the art teacher, I go through MANY supplies, teaching every grade and student our school has. The supply pantry at grace church not only helps me do my job, but it helps my students be able to learn and participate in all of my projects. Your supply pantry has made it possible to fill the halls with all the students work, and make them proud of themselves as artists. From pencils and tape, to glue and markers, you have made our art classroom more creative and expressive, and our students more successful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and theirs!  ~Kelsey Felgner, Art Teacher

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Thank you and the church for all they do for us at Keyser. It has been a God sent to be able to get supplies for our students that many of them can not afford. Personally you have also helped me with things I need to instruct that I need in between pay checks. I had several students who used your pencils and pens daily. If you could see their smiles of relief when they ask for one and I am able to say “yes” it would make it all worth it. The index cards helped struggling students with studying their vocabulary words. Many A’s were achieved because of that little help, thank you! ~Thresa Schaller, 4th Grade

Large quote marksI wanted to share my appreciation for the awesome generosity of the Grace Church. I have often shared with my extended family, friends and church family the wonderful things that your church congregation does for us here at Keyser and the Rogers feeding pattern schools. Many of our families cannot afford school supplies at the beginning of the year and to see the expression on the children’s faces when we provide them supplies is priceless. Often we teachers need supplies to replenish our inventory and it is refreshing to be able to utilize the supply pantry. Thank you, Grace Church members for your unyielding generosity. Please know it is appreciated!  ~Pamela Green-Jones, 2nd Grade

Large quote marksI cannot begin to tell you how much the supply pantry impacts my students, classroom and myself. It is a true blessing to have you as a support. The resources that you provide make daily activities possible for everyone in the class. Journals, writing tools, crayons and glue are just a few of the resources that impact my students. It is much appreciated.  ~Natalie Oatman, Kindergarten

Large quote marksThank you so much for keeping the school pantry going. I’m a 1st grade teacher at Keyser and I teach wonderful kids that come from all different home lives. Our Keyser parents do the best they can to make sure the kids have what they need to be prepared for school. Unfortunately , their financial situations does not always make this easy. The Grace Church pantry helps our students have the things that they need to be ready and prepared for school. I used to pay for a lot of the supplies myself. Now, I still have to purchase some things, but not as much. Thank you so much for everything all of you do to help our school. ~Kim Paprocki, 1st Grade

The school supply pantry has been an incredible way for us to serve and bless both the teachers and the students and families. We will collect school supplies through the months of July and August in preparation for the first pantry date in early September. A school supply list is located in the sidebar on the right. We will advertise the best school supply sales each week on our Facebook page (link in the right hand sidebar).

Together we are “glorifying God by building a community to reach a community”!

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