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New Features on the Website

We want to continually adjust our website to be a tool we can all use to be better informed about life at Grace Church and to make it easier for all of us to get involved. Notice the website menu located under the logo on the home page or at the top of the page if you are on any of the other pages on this site.

First, you will notice a new section called “NEWS & EVENTS”. If you hover over this menu item you will see a page called “UPCOMING EVENTS“. On this page we will post events that are beyond the scope of our current monthly calendar (which you can always find on the right hand side of the blog page). Items on the Upcoming Events page are events taking place in the near future that you may want to add to your calendars.

Next, if you hover over the “COMMUNITY LIFE” listing on the menu page you will notice we have added a section called “VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES”. Go ahead, look, there’s stuff on that page already! We’ll wait right here for you… On this page there are upcoming events both in Outreach and in the church where we need people to serve. There is also a form on that page to make it easy for you to contact us and let us know you can help.

Under that same tab we have LIFE GROUPS and CLASSES. The Life Groups page is almost done being updated and should be live next week. Make sure you check out the CLASSES page because there are two NEW classes listed for Spring! You can register on that page as well.

Keep coming back to the website and stay up-to-date with the changes we make to help us build a community that is reaching the community!

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