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Reflect: Message Notes from 7.16.2017

We would like  to start offering some resources from each week’s Sunday message – the quotes that were used, maybe additional Bible passages or study content that the speaker could not fit into the message, books or websites with more information on the passage or topic, etc.

This past Sunday, July 16, Mary Brack spoke out of  Philippians 1:27-2:16 focusing on the communal nature of this passage with Paul’s second person plural use of the word YOU. You can listen to it in the messages tab on the menu above or my clicking here. Below are some of the quotes Mary used in her message:

From Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller

Here is the paraphrase she wrote after her study of the passage. While the word reflect does not appear in the passage, it kept popping up in the interpretation of it.

The implications of a communal view of this passage for us as a church:

  • Missionally – Our unity is essential for our reflecting Christ in the world. Dig into and connect with the plurals ‘you’s” in the Bible – especially in Paul’s letters to the churches. How does this change how we interpret and apply their meaning?
  • Relationally – Do all we can to walk in step with the Holy Spirit to preserve the unity of the church by positioning ourselves to grow in dependence on the Spirit. Positioning ourselves includes: Bible study, prayer, spiritual disciplines, accountability, etc. What are others you would include?
  • Relationally again -serve together and build relationships with people in the community so that they will see our life together, that they will see how we “work out our salvation” together, and that they will see the gospel of Christ in us.
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