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Kid’s Club Fall 2017

As Doug mentioned on Sunday (listen here) two weeks ago we began a new session of Kid’s Club at our partner school Keyser Elementary. Kid’s Club is an after-school Bible club where we teach the kids about God and the gospel of Jesus through stories, Bible lessons, songs, games and Scripture memory verses – much like what we do in Vacation Bible School each summer! Each session of Kid’s Club is 10-12 weeks long , meets on Thursdays for a little over and hour, and we hold them twice a year at the school. Typically we have had 18-24 kids attend, but this time around we had 36 attend on the first day with 4 additional new kids attending on the second day. So our plan is to begin using the cafeteria instead of the library beginning this week. What was exciting, other than this being our largest group yet, was that 21 of the 40 kids were attending Kid’s Club for the first time! Each of those kids will receive a Bible to keep before the end of the 10 week session.

In addition to the kids from Keyser we have a handful of kids from Grace attending. April Rumschlag took some pictures at our last club meeting in order to give all of you a “picture” of what Kid’s Club is like!

New for Kid’s Club this year is the addition of three teen helpers. Damonnie, Sha’Niah and Annalise are joining us in serving the kids. Here Damonnie and Sha’Niah are playing a memory verse game with the kids.

We love it when Miss Toni is able to attend. She comes up with great games that help us get some wiggles out…and let’s us stand on chairs and tables sometimes!

The kids always amaze us with how much they want to know about God and the Bible, and they challenge us with their questions! This past week we talked about John 3:16 and how God loves all of us so much. One 3rd grader asked if God loves Satan too… we’re going to talk about that next week when we talk about sin and being separated from God. This session we are using a Wordless book to share the Gospel with the kids, then in a few weeks they will receive their Bibles and we will teach them how to use them as well as how to pray.

The gold page represents heaven, black = sin, red = Christ’s blood shed for us, white = being clean as a result of Jesus taking on our sin, and green (on the back) is for growing in Christ. Our second session, which is held in winter to spring, is 8-10 weeks and we go through the Apostle’s Creed with the kids, laying a foundation for what we believe.

As our numbers grow we have a need for more adults to help us. Any adults who help are able to bring their children along as well. It’s been fun having kids from the church attend on a couple of levels: 1. They get an opportunity to continue to grow in their knowledge of God and the Bible; 2. They are learning to serve others and share the Gospel; and 3. When we invite kids from Keyser to events at Grace such as VBS or the Bonfire, then the kids from Keyser already know kids in the church and our kids are then able to extend hospitality. It’s a win-win all around.

If you are interested in helping with Kid’s Club please contact Mary Brack at We would also encourage everyone to pray for the kids attending as the Gospel is shared with them.

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