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Revealing God: A Father’s Correction

Each week we  offer some notes of quotes and Scripture references used in the Sunday message. Our hope is that we will use these tools to go deeper into the passage and series. As we journey together through the Bible may we be transformed as a church, and individually, by God’s Word.

A Father’s Correction 02.11.2018 Phil Rumschlag

You can hear Phil’s message here:

Phil used Hebrews 12:1-11 as the passage for his message.

He summed up the main point this way: “Because of His love for us, God is not primarily concerned about our happiness but our holiness.”

“A Father’s correction. As I was considering the message from last week and the truth that when we put our faith in Jesus we are reborn. Reborn. Into God’s family and we now know and experience Him as Father, it only makes sense that as we grow and mature in His family, that there will be a need for correction, for discipline, for training. It’s a natural progression.” ~Phil Rumschlag

Other passages Phil used:

Romans 8:28

Quote by Homer Kent regarding Romans 8:28:

“Recognizing that God is in ultimate control of all conditions, and that He is using even adverse situations as part of the “all things” that work together for good to His children, the believer is thus encouraged not to despair, compromise, or apostatize in the face of persecution.”

1 Peter 1:6-7

Romans 5:1-5

“He [the Father] always trains us rightly. He always knows what we need and always treats us in the way that we need. His ways are perfect, His intentions toward us are always loving and He does in fact know what is best for us. And so as His children we need to submit to Him and trust Him. Don’t withdraw and resist Him, but rather submit and trust Him and live as this scripture puts it. Submit and live. Recognize His training for what it is, His loving kindness toward us. It may not seem that way, but it is.” ~Phil Rumschlag


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