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Post By: Jean Holt

Entering Holy Week

Stories grow richer and deeper and more meaningful as they are told over and over. That happens with one proviso: that we as listeners open our hearts and ears to hear and receive new meaning. Children (and at least one adult I know – me!) love to hear the same stories told over and over. […]

The Season of Lent

I find it interesting that as I get older I am drawn more and more to the traditional rhythm of the church year. Here at Grace, through the last several years, we have increasingly embraced the season of Advent. We have celebrated it as a season of expectation, anticipation of the birth and incarnation of […]

Advent Week 3: Joy

One of my favorite commercials from several years ago that aired during December pictures for me the essence of Advent joy. There are 3 (maybe 4) children seated on a couch in front of a fire – where their stockings hung on the mantle above. The scene pictures their glee and unbridled joy at waiting […]

Advent’s Arrival

  The sky is dark, there blows a storm Our cider is hot, the fire is warm The snow is deep and the night is long: Old Father Fox, will you sing us a song? Thus begins one of my favorite children’s book: Father Fox’s Pennyrhymes. What a picture this poem makes – cold dark […]

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