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Seasons: Message Notes From 7.23.2017

Here are some extra notes from Josh Spiegel’s message about the season’s of life on Sunday, July 23. Unfortunately we had a glitch and Josh’s message was not recorded. Click on the link above. You will see Josh’s passage Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Click on the red dots after the verse to see reference verses.

Reflect: Message Notes from 7.16.2017

We would like  to start offering some resources from each week’s Sunday message – the quotes that were used, maybe additional Bible passages or study content that the speaker could not fit into the message, books or websites with more information on the passage or topic, etc. This past Sunday, July 16, Mary Brack spoke […]

Church History Part 1

In the fourth session of the context block of e4 we discussed the first millennium of church history. The history of the church is rich with stories of persecution and faithfulness, particularly from the earliest days. But there are also stories of triumph and tragedy, of the church coming to power, and of compromise with […]

Jesus & the Kingdom of God

The third session of the context block of e4 brings us to a discussion of Jesus. In particular, this session address how Jesus understood himself and the kingdom of God. The majority of this session is taken from the work of N.T. Wright, particularly from his book The Challenge of Jesus. We began this session […]

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