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Church History Part 1

In the fourth session of the context block of e4 we discussed the first millennium of church history. The history of the church is rich with stories of persecution and faithfulness, particularly from the earliest days. But there are also stories of triumph and tragedy, of the church coming to power, and of compromise with […]

Jesus & the Kingdom of God

The third session of the context block of e4 brings us to a discussion of Jesus. In particular, this session address how Jesus understood himself and the kingdom of God. The majority of this session is taken from the work of N.T. Wright, particularly from his book The Challenge of Jesus. We began this session […]

The Trinity

In this e4 session, the second in the context block, we discussed the great mystery of the Christian faith – the doctrine of the Trinity. While the word “Trinity” never appears in the Bible, it has come to be one of the cornerstones of orthodox Christian theology. It is important for every Christian to understand, […]


The Context Block of e4 began with a session on God. This, of course, is a very big subject, and we did not even come close to covering everything that could have been discussed. The purpose of this session, however, was to introduce God on a broader, more foundational scale than many of us are […]

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