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Entering Holy Week

Stories grow richer and deeper and more meaningful as they are told over and over. That happens with one proviso: that we as listeners open our hearts and ears to hear and receive new meaning. Children (and at least one adult I know – me!) love to hear the same stories told over and over. […]

Ladies Breakfast With Becky Keulker

Ladies, you are invited to attend a Welcome Breakfast for Becky Keulker hosted by the Grace Community Church Ladies. Becky, and her husband Mike, are missionaries we partner with and support in Tepec, Mexico. The breakfast is on Saturday, April 8 at 10:00 AM. It will be held at Grace Community Church, 5120 Woodville Rd. Northwood, […]

The Season of Lent

I find it interesting that as I get older I am drawn more and more to the traditional rhythm of the church year. Here at Grace, through the last several years, we have increasingly embraced the season of Advent. We have celebrated it as a season of expectation, anticipation of the birth and incarnation of […]

January Grace Notes

A look back at events that took place in our church community in January. We won’t go in chronological order this month, but rather start with our January addition to the Grace Church family. We welcome Leila Jane to the Ciesler family and the Grace family! Born on January 27 1:35pm after 22 hours of labor. […]

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