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Part of being a church family means we are called to care for one another in times of need. We do this by providing Community Care. Some of the ways we extend that care is by providing meals to individuals and families at those times in life when we need an extra dose of care and support – after surgery, after the birth of a child, at the loss of a family member. The announcements page is a place where we can share with the church family those who are in need of such encouragement and support.  You will find here news of meal trains, announcements for funerals, and other areas of need. We will protect our church family by not publishing personal information such as phone numbers or addresses.


Patrick Kerrigan had his heart surgery on Friday, June 10th, and it was successful. He will be coming home today, June 15th. Praise God for His faithfulness in stabilizing his blood pressure.


Fill out the form below if you would like to help when meals are needed or other help is needed.

Community Care