Authority of the Son

Andy Holt’s last sermon as Teaching and Communications pastor with Grace Church as he walks through John 5:16-30; the authority of the Son. You can read the prayer of repentance from autonomy he wrote below:

O God my Father,
O Jesus my Brother,
O Spirit my Counselor,

I confess that I have idolized freedom so that it has become distorted autonomy in my soul. I have held most closely in my heart the belief that I can do whatever I want. I have immaturely lived with the belief that nobody gets to tell me what to do. I have treated others, and especially you, with suspicion and contempt, naming you both manipulator and distorter. I have closed off my heart to your love. For the sin of autonomy, I am sorry, and from it I repent.

You love me. You have my good in mind. You speak truth to me and you are conforming me into the image of Jesus. I open myself to you. I receive your agape love today, and I promise to give it away freely to others. Your work is love, and you are always at your work. Empower me to do your work. Amen.

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